Jordan Retirement Solutions

Quoted in some the country's top publications such as CBS News, Fox, NBC, and ABC, Jordan Retirement Solutions specializes in solutions and products that provide peace of mind in your golden years. 

Our practice is comprised of three distinct divisions: Legacy Life Insurance, Medicare Insurance, and Income Replacement Insurance. Working in tandem like a three-legged stool, each leg works in conjuntion with the other two to support our client's overall retirement goals. 

Of course you can simply utilize our services of only one division, but once people see the power of the different opportunities available to leverage life insurance in such unconventional, highly effective ways, many of our clients decide to enroll in coverage for all three areas, providing the ultimate peace of mind.

Division 1: Legacy Life Insurance
Legacy Life Insurance is rapidly growing in popularity and is a unique way that allows you to maximize your estate values using the power and leverage of life insurance. You can use it to significantly increase how much you're able to pass on to future generations, your church, or favorite charity, which we're seeing more and more of. If you're not looking to pass down anything as part of your legacy, but want to simply have something in place to cover your final expenses so you don't have to worry about burdening your family, we can guide you with that as well.

Division 2: Medicare Insurance
Founders of the nationally recognized brand website, we are most widely known for our Medicare Insurance division. 

President and Owner Principal Tripp Jordan is a nationally recognized Independent Medicare Advisor and is known as the top medicare agent to women around the country for his role in championing to protect and teach them their healthcare rights and privileges, and how to have them paid for.

Division 3: Long-Term Care Alternative
Long-term care needs are on the rise and so is the amount of money needed to pay for it. There is an option that is growing in popularity, that includes coverage for care, an immediate death benefit, is generally income tax free, and doesn't require ongoing monthly payments. Imagine what a load off of your shoulders it would be knowing you could have access to 2-3x's the amount of the money in your CD or savings account for unexpected long-term care needs without having to pay expensive monthly premiums for a traditional long term care policy that are predicated on a "use it or lose it" basis.

A Message From The Owner...

My Promise To You:

"I will keep you safe and give you the help that you need. I will never take advantage of you and will fight to protect you from those who try. I won't take your business for granted and will take care of your needs. I'll work hard to not only earn, but keep you as my client. I will be a listening ear and any information you decide to disclose to me will be kept secure and confidential. I vow to keep you "in the know" on the industry updates that may possibly affect and concern you. I will only represent and endorse companies that are rock-solid and will be there for you when you need them. I will champion for you, making sure you know your healthcare rights and options as American retirees. You will always feel appreciated, respected, and valued. In short, I will be for you what I would want someone to be for my mom if she were still here. 

- Tripp Jordan
President, Jordan Retirement Solutions